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As a Millennials Expert, most people ask me… Why are you so passionate about the topic of Millennials, are you one? The short answer is no but I sure know how they feel… You see I have spent the last 21 years working in the field of People as a HR Practitioner and Strategist and Leadership Coach and I am continually asked by CEO’s, Business Owners and Leaders:

  • Why are Millennials so different to all the other generations?
  • Why is it so hard to attract, engage and retain the best Millennials?
  • Why do all my Millennial employees keep leaving? Is it me or them…?
  • How can I improve the way I manage and communicate with Millennials?

So began a personal quest to break the Millennial stigma and develop coaching & leadership programs that actually made a difference. To start out I embarked on my own research journey… As I was personally having the exact same problems in my own businesses, and initially what I found was that…

“The existing Millennials research, prior to conducting my own Australian study, was either very consumer-based, extremely general, really outdated, and a great deal of the published data came out of the United States. It was also really really negative…
And there was nothing specifically focusing on Millennial employee workplace behaviours.”

So armed with my own research and personal experience (and after many many failures along the way) I am now sharing my secrets to attracting, engaging and empowering Millennials.

Keynote Speaker

Emily’s no nonsense, humorous and straight-talking approach enables her to deliver the message that everyone needs to hear about the ‘New Millennial’. It’s time to rethink everything you know about this generation – the research results are in!

Motivational Educator

As an Industry Expert with over two decades experience in the field of Human Resources & a business owner herself, Emily is a passionate believer in purpose – led and self-directed learning. Emily’s Communication Programs and Workshops always deliver impactful transformation.

Empowerment Coach

Emily’s purpose led 1:1 Coaching Programs help CEO’s, Business Owners and emerging leaders to build on their own coaching and communication skills to empower them to take ownership in all aspects of their lives.

“Emily was clearly across her brief; this knowledge has absolutely helped me better manage the Millennials in my business” Rob Ford, CEO Victorian Leaders

Find out the latest facts on what Millennials really want… and it’s not a trophy!


The results are in… and they will shock you!


Of Millennials have stayed in a job for more than 3 years


Of Millennials currently have direct reports in the workplace


Of Millennials identify pay/salary as a key to choice of employer


Of Millennials leave their jobs due to management issues

Posing the question… Are Millennials the Most Misunderstood Generation of our time?

“Emily’s knowledge of, and passion for the topic of Millennials definitely came across strongly in her presentation. A key take-out was understanding the differences in motivations and expectations between the various generations.”
HIA (Housing Industry Association)

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