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Lazy Millennial narrative just plain lazy

This week saw yet another highly sensationalised write up on Millennials in the workplace, and, you guessed it, it pissed me off. I read it thinking “here we go again…” as mainstream media rolled out the same old weak, highly generalised and un-researched narrative––and in this case––with zero regard to its relevance to the actual [...]

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Managing Millennials in The Workplace

The Millennial workforce is growing. If we aren’t looking at ways to engage and motivate Millennials in the workplace on their terms, I’m afraid we are going to fail at building successful teams and nurturing leaders. And, friends, it takes great leaders to generate productivity. I’m so often asked for tips and tricks and [...]

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Working with Millennials

I was a Millennial once. I was 22 and working for General Motors Holden (GMH) in HR, it was the early naughties. Ok, so I wasn’t a Millennial, but I was younger than most of my colleagues, and more pointedly, I was treated with a similar misunderstanding I see our Millennials in the workplace [...]

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