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Millennials Smashed Avos & Afterpay

Guess what? Millennials aren’t as worried about lender scrutiny as we think. In a recent ABC article, usual scare tactics were being doused around Millennials and their finances by suggesting the new, stricter lending laws (which require banks to engage in quite heavy probing into lenders’ spending habits) are spooking Millennials out of purchasing property. [...]

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Health or Hustle?

––Are we driving our Millennials into a collective burnout? By now we’re all really familiar with the “lazy Millennial” narrative. And as much as I’d like to see it flip, I’m afraid there’s another, equally damaging narrative that’s on the rise, and it sits at other end of the spectrum… According to a recent article [...]

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Millennial Values

Who shaped your values? My values have evolved throughout the years and I could pinpoint a few profound moments and people in my life that shaped this evolution. One was my father, a staunch unionist with an incredibly strong work ethic who took no shit. My father gave me the balls and backbone to get [...]

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The new Millennial Characteristics

Lazy. Entitled. Selfish. Non-committal. Fake. Dependent. Undisciplined. Indulgent. Do these words remind you of anyone? Are they characteristics of a person you can think of? How about a “type of person,” or a group of people––a generation perhaps? I think you can see where I’m going with this. Millennials, according to the mainstream, are all [...]

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