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Millennials just don’t do cereal. Ok?

Boomers and Xers are cursing Millennials for abolishing some of our favourite creature comforts by simply not giving a toss about them. Products like cereal, fabric softener, home phones, even Maccas, according to figures, are not up there on the priority list for our Millennial generations. But is it that surprising? These are just a [...]

Millennials just don’t do cereal. Ok?2019-08-14T06:29:37+00:00

What can we learn from Millennial Leaders?

-Nick Molnar   If you spot co-founder, (former) CEO and leader of $1.5billion global company, Afterpay, Nick Molnar out on the town, and you’re one of his 400 employers, don’t you dare call him, or refer to him as your ‘boss’. That’s just not his game. Molnar actually says feels he feels so grateful people [...]

What can we learn from Millennial Leaders?2019-08-07T08:21:57+00:00

What Simon Sinek got wrong about Millennials

Ever since I knew what it actually was, I wanted to study Anthropology. I’m intrigued and romanced by human behaviour. And although my career path lead into Human Resources and not Anthropology, human behaviours are extremely relevant to what I do. Particularly in my work with Millennials. As a result, I nerd out on Anthropology [...]

What Simon Sinek got wrong about Millennials2019-07-24T01:34:24+00:00

The Future of Work

We’ve been teased and taunted with the prospect of what work will look like in the future for the longest time. From robots to the gig economy, the workplace, as we’ve known it, has almost become a mystifying concept. But mystery is not productive, obviously. I mean how are we supposed to plan if we [...]

The Future of Work2019-07-10T11:29:43+00:00

What if everything you think you know about Millennial’s is wrong?

Has a cult of “tough leadership & shame culture” contributed to the generation divide? Are Millennials the most misunderstood generation of our time? Yes, they are certainly different. They’re the first digital natives, the first generation to ‘grow up’ on social media. They’re somewhat alien to the rest of us, it seems. We just don’t [...]

What if everything you think you know about Millennial’s is wrong?2019-07-08T04:59:05+00:00

Here comes the Echo Boom and many Boomers are just not ready…

I continually get asked, “So are you a Millennial?” and apart from being flattered because this implies, I must look rather young, I reluctantly answer… “No… but I certainly feel like one…” Most people are perplexed by my response… firstly who in their right mind would want to be a Millennial if you weren’t born [...]

Here comes the Echo Boom and many Boomers are just not ready…2019-06-26T02:03:35+00:00

Millennials & Milk Bottles

Millennials are nostalgic for a time some of them didn’t even live in. A London dairy that delivers milk to Millennial-centric East London has reported a “phenomenal” rise in glass milk bottle deliveries. Parker Dairies depot manager, Paul Lough, says they have gained 382 new clients since Christmas, 2018. And 95% of the new clientele [...]

Millennials & Milk Bottles2019-06-24T03:33:28+00:00

Our Faithless Millennials

Millennials have lost faith! In their leaders, in business, in religion, in capitalism, in politicians. They say. If we took the word of the media as gospel, we’d be led to believe our Millennial generations are a wasteland, void of faith and hope. I even read one article that described Millennials as “The Distrustful Generation”––woh [...]

Our Faithless Millennials2019-06-16T22:57:39+00:00

Millennials want your face –– 4 good reasons to use face to face communication with Millennials.

Let’s face it, nothing beats face-to-face conversation. And Millennials know it as much as we do. So how is it they got smacked with the myth they’d prefer to be directed via social media, email ––or even less-personal forms of communication, apps like slacker and Whattsapp––for work? If you’re trying to get somewhere with your [...]

Millennials want your face –– 4 good reasons to use face to face communication with Millennials.2019-05-22T00:31:31+00:00