Millennial Values

Who shaped your values? My values have evolved throughout the years and I could pinpoint a few profound moments and people in my life that shaped this evolution. One was my father, a staunch unionist with an incredibly strong work ethic who took no shit. My father gave me the balls and backbone to get [...]

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The new Millennial Characteristics

Lazy. Entitled. Selfish. Non-committal. Fake. Dependent. Undisciplined. Indulgent. Do these words remind you of anyone? Are they characteristics of a person you can think of? How about a “type of person,” or a group of people––a generation perhaps? I think you can see where I’m going with this. Millennials, according to the mainstream, are all [...]

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Lazy Millennial narrative just plain lazy

This week saw yet another highly sensationalised write up on Millennials in the workplace, and, you guessed it, it pissed me off. I read it thinking “here we go again…” as mainstream media rolled out the same old weak, highly generalised and un-researched narrative––and in this case––with zero regard to its relevance to the actual [...]

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Managing Millennials in The Workplace

The Millennial workforce is growing. If we aren’t looking at ways to engage and motivate Millennials in the workplace on their terms, I’m afraid we are going to fail at building successful teams and nurturing leaders. And, friends, it takes great leaders to generate productivity. I’m so often asked for tips and tricks and [...]

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Working with Millennials

I was a Millennial once. I was 22 and working for General Motors Holden (GMH) in HR, it was the early naughties. Ok, so I wasn’t a Millennial, but I was younger than most of my colleagues, and more pointedly, I was treated with a similar misunderstanding I see our Millennials in the workplace [...]

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Would you work for muffins?

Millennials won’t work for muffins. So let’s stop expecting them to. My guess is you’ve seen the media blowout in the last few days over Muffin Break boss, Natalie Brennan’s comment on Millennial interns ––or lack thereof. In case you didn’t, a few days ago, in an interview with, Muffin Break’s General Manager claimed [...]

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What is the value of a generation?

In a New York Times article published from 2016, author, Farhad Manjoo opens cheekily with, "If you’re reading this article voluntarily, you’re probably not a millennial, because everyone knows millennials don’t read news.” After removing his tongue from his cheek, he goes on to devalue grouping a workforce based on generational differences. (He’s particularly looking [...]

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Why we need to stop Millennial shaming…

No other generation on record has been consistently and doggedly ‘shamed’ like Gen Ys have and from what I’ve seen in my research, globally, Millennial-bashing has become somewhat of a sport. Collectively we curse an entire generation of crappy workers. Millennials are accused of being unable to focus, addicted to incentives, using stupid excuses for [...]

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Helicopter Parenting in the Workplace

Too often these days we are experiencing helicopter parenting in the workplace, and this is a big problem, for everyone including the young people with the said helicopter parents. According to Wikipedia; A helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. They so [...]

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