Why we need to stop Millennial shaming…

No other generation on record has been consistently and doggedly ‘shamed’ like Gen Ys have and from what I’ve seen in my research, globally, Millennial-bashing has become somewhat of a sport. Collectively we curse an entire generation of crappy workers. Millennials are accused of being unable to focus, addicted to incentives, using stupid excuses for [...]

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Helicopter Parenting in the Workplace

Too often these days we are experiencing helicopter parenting in the workplace, and this is a big problem, for everyone including the young people with the said helicopter parents. According to Wikipedia; A helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. They so [...]

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Millennials as Leaders

When you google Millennials or Gen Y the plethora of information and literature that is available is astonishing. Poor Millennials have been copping a bashing for a while now and most literature provides tips on how to manage pesky Millennials as they are often labelled as lazy, entitled and hard to engage and inspire. [...]

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