Are Millennials the Most Misunderstood Generation of our Time?

Millennials are causing quite a stir in the workforce, with managers and business owners complaining that Generation Y are entitled, selfish, difficult to engage and manage.

With Millennials set to make up over two thirds of the Australian workforce by 2025, the issue of “How to manage your Millennial productivity virus” is not going away any time soon; Gen Y and Z are our future leaders.

Now with newfound insight into the so called “Me me me” generation and qualitative data specific to the Australian workplace Emily Jaksch, in her ground-breaking eBook dispels many of the Millennial Myths we’ve all believed:

  • Millennials are unreliable job hoppers
  • Millennials are seeking more life than work, in their work/life balance
  • Millennials are lazy, immature and most are still living at home with their parents
  • Millennials are a bunch of “kidults” who are 5 years behind other generations in terms of work/life experience
  • And much much more!

Everything you think you know about Millennials is wrong. It’s time to change the dialogue and with Emily’s guidance build the next generation of Millennial leaders.




Of Millennials have stayed in a job for more than 3 years


Of Millennials currently have direct reports in the workplace


Of Millennials identify pay/salary as a key to choice of employer


Of Millennials leave their jobs due to management issues

In this first of its kind research project Emily Jaksch surveyed over 1,000 Australian Millennials, born between 1981-1995, to truly understand Millennial behaviours towards work to find out what they actually want in terms of career progression, what their attitudes and motivations are towards work, and what motivates them personally and professionally.

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Emily Jaksch is a keynote Speaker, Author, People & Leadership Coach with over two decades of experience in the Human Resources industry. Emily is the founder and Managing Director of HR Gurus, a virtual HR Manager service for Small and Medium businesses, and We Care Recruitment a values-based recruitment services company specialising within the Health Sector.

As a speaker and author, Emily is passionate about the topic of ‘Millennials in the Workplace’ and she is on a mission to help companies, business owners and managers across Australia understand the generational differences to attract, engage and maintain the best talent for their organisations.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, motivational educator and communicator Emily works with CEO’s and business owners to get clarity on their company’s mission, vision and values. Emily’s focus is on assisting leaders and organisations to identify their goals whilst maximising performance to reach their true potential.

Degree qualified (B.Comm), an award-winning HR Strategist, Industry Expert for the Victorian Leaders Executive Leadership Program, and a certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute.

Prior to Managing her own businesses Emily worked across many industries, for large international organisations including The Royal Bank of Scotland, Australia’s iconic GM Holden, and giants Wesfarmers and Coles.

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